of Eagle County

The Rummage Sale has been a wonderful community event for so many decades! Each year it brings together volunteers and shoppers from every background in support of over 30 local nonprofits. The community spirit that surrounds the sale is palpable and all of us at United Way of Eagle River Valley (UWERV) have been honored to manage this sale for the last four years.

Since 2018, when the "old" Rummage Sale lost its longtime home, our team at United Way has led the dedicated supporters who have zealously rose to confront the challenges. Barriers included rising costs, a diminished volunteer force, and significant logistical challenges related to collecting and sorting donations as well as managing the sale itself. These supporters are champions and we appreciate your ongoing enthusiasm, dedication and tireless work.

Our Board of Directors and team understand the history and importance this event has in our community and have held many conversations brainstorming a way to keep the sale successful. Everyone who has worked The Rummage Sale has been hopeful that the revenue from the event would cover the costs and be sustainable to support the various local nonprofits in our community. However, the unavoidable annual costs continue to be greater than the revenue which has forced everyone to reevaluate this event. Therefore, with somber hearts, we have decided to discontinue The Rummage Sale of Eagle County.

We sincerely thank each and every one of you for supporting The Rummage Sale of Eagle County, whether through your volunteerism, shopping or as a sponsor business. While this is a bittersweet announcement, we hope you will continue to support the local organizations you love!