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2023 Community Grants

Since 1996, United Way of Eagle River Valley has provided grants to local programs that make a measurable impact in the lives of our community members.

United Way of Eagle River Valley accepts grant applications according to this funding calendar:

Focus area                                   Application Open (beginning to the end of the month)

Early Childhood  Success           August 

Health                                            February (in 2023 only)

Financial Stability                        February

Youth Success                              May 


Focus area descriptions

Early Childhood: Programs applying in this focus area must be helping children (birth to age 8) develop positive social-emotional skills including the ability to develop positive social relationships. (grant period closed)

Health: Programs applying in this focus area must be advancing health outcomes by creating safe spaces or opportunities for families/caregivers to advance overall well-being. (Examples: Dental, medical, mental, or the health of people who take care of children or people with advanced needs.) 

Financial Stability: (TBD)

Youth Success: (TBD)

Within the focus areas, the following grant programs are available:

The Community Impact Grant Program was established to provide financial resources to strengthen the ability of smaller local partners to respond effectively and efficiently to needs of the Eagle County. 

  • Applicants must:

    • Have an operating budget under $1 million. 

    • Align with UWERV annual priorities. 

    • Serve Eagle County residents (must be able to report specific numbers of Eagle County residents served)

The Recognition Grant Program. This funding awards accreditation to high performing nonprofit organizations who achieve excellence in both impact and accountability.  Programs often utilize United Way recognition to qualify for grants from other funders.  The monetary award for a recognition grant is $1,000.

  • Applicants must:

  • Align with UWERV annual priorities 

  • Serve Eagle County residents (must be able to report specific numbers of Eagle County residents served)

Application must be submitted using the online form here:

Grant recipients must submit a final report. The final report will include results/outcomes of the project, lessons learned, obstacles encountered and any proposal for ongoing UWERV activity as a result of the grant work. 


For questions regarding grant guidelines or the application process, please attend the information sessions.  Also, you may contact us at