2022 Community Grants

2022 Grant Cycle COMING SOON! Check back at the end of March.

Since 1996, United Way of Eagle River Valley has provided grants to local programs that make a measurable impact in the lives of our community members and this year is, the need is even greater, due to the ongoing COVID crisis.  

 In response to the crisis, we have implemented a process inspired by risk and protective factors that we feel are critical in the community right now.

Focus area descriptions

  • Individual and Family Resilience – Unexpected financial emergencies or deteriorating relationships can happen to anyone, and when people are faced with trauma or crisis, it can be very difficult to focus on effectively raising a child. We will support 
    • strategies to prevent family members from becoming the victims of abuse or neglect. 
    • programs that can help people address issues and give them techniques to avoid taking their frustrations out on themselves or others. 
    • Strategies to remind people of their strengths so they can find solutions to their problems and get back on track.


  • Social Connections – Rural areas, especially in Eagle County where socio-economic disparities are exacerbated, can be a difficult place for individuals and families. Feeling isolated and alone are major issues for our locals since many have moved to this area and lack the typical extended family’s support. Plus, living or working in or near a resort town means many empty second homes and maybe missing the feeling of a true neighborhood. We will support programs that provide a variety of group activities that encourage individuals and families to meet and form friendships. 


  • Concrete Support in times of Need – We will support programs that are helping people get through crisis.  Programs that offer people the tools or resources to grow towards greater stability will receive extra consideration.


Application must be submitted using the online form here: 
Grant recipients must submit a final report. The final report will include results/outcomes of the project, lessons learned, obstacles encountered and any proposal for ongoing UWERV activity as a result of the grant work. 


For questions regarding grant guidelines or the application process, please attend the information sessions.  Also, you may contact us at info@unitedwayeagle.org.